We specialise in funding projects that do not meet the criteria of banks and mainstream lenders due to reasons such as:

  • a lack of qualifying pre-sales

  • a need to capitalise interest and repayments during the project

  • higher loan to value ratio

  • short timeframe to settlement


​As a privately owned and funded business we are able to minimise red tape and assess each request on its merits.  We can generally provide indicative terms within 1-2 days.

Our service offering is built upon forming strong relationships with our clients.  At the outset of every relationship we will meet with our prospective borrower and visit the property we are looking to fund.  We work collaboratively throughout each project, maintaining the aim of reaching a mutually beneficial outcome.

Killarney Capital is a privately owned company specialising in property finance and project equity placement within New Zealand.

Since 2011 Killarney Capital has provided a quarter of a billion dollars for property development projects all across New Zealand



Development Loans

Killarney Capital are development funding specialists. We provide funding for residential and commercial construction and subdivision.  

We cut down red tape, can capitalise all finance costs and consider projects all across New Zealand. 




Bridging Loans

Do you require short-term funding to take advantage of an investment opportunity pending the sale of an existing property or qualifying for bank funding? 


Killarney Capital may be able to assist with a bridging loan. 



Project Equity

Your property project may require equity rather than debt to unleash its full potential.


Killarney Capital has appetite for equity participation in property development projects.  With first-hand experience in property development, we bring more to the table than just capital.



With significant experience in finance, investment, banking & business, the Killarney Capital team can add real value to your property project 



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Killarney Capital Limited is a registered Financial Services Provider (FSP203145) & a member of the Financial Services Complaints Limited disputes resolution scheme.  To find out more, including how to make a complaint, please click here

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